Explore New Orleans

Explore New Orleans! 

Welcome to the Public Health Law Practitioners Convening in New Orleans – a city known for its rich culture, vibrant music, and distinctive cuisine. As a health official attending this conference, you're gaining valuable insights into public health law and immersing yourself in the unique atmosphere of New Orleans. Here's a dedicated travel page to enhance your experience:

Local Cuisine: Fueling Your Body and Soul

Must-Try Dishes:

  1. Gumbo: A hearty stew with a rich blend of flavors.
  2. Jambalaya: A one-pot dish with a mix of rice, meats, and spices.
  3. Po' Boy Sandwich: A New Orleans classic with various fillings like shrimp, oysters, or roast beef.

List of local restaurants

Cultural Immersion: Beyond the Conference Walls

Music and Entertainment:

  • Experience the vibrant music scene in the birthplace of jazz.
  • Check local listings for live music performances and immerse yourself in the soulful melodies.

Historical and Artistic Exploration:

  • Explore the historic French Quarter, filled with art galleries, street performances, and unique architecture.
  • Visit the National WWII Museum for a dose of history and reflection.

List of things to do.

We hope this guide is helpful to your experience at the 2024 Public Health Law Practitioners Convening in New Orleans, offering a balance of professional development and cultural exploration. Enjoy your stay in this vibrant and welcoming city!