About the PH Law Practitioners Convening

About the Public Health Law Practitioners Convening

About the 2024 Convening Theme

In the changing public health law and policy landscape, practitioners should feel empowered to create changes in current practices. Many policies put in place in recent years have been questioned and disregarded, leading to public distrust in health officials and a sense of defeat among public health practitioners. How can we empower each other to change this perspective and provide an environment where practitioners can freely pursue their work? We must continue the conversation regarding the importance of law and policy in public health and ways to support one another in our ongoing efforts.  

The theme of the 2024 Public Health Law Practitioners Convening, “Empowering Public Health through Law and Policywill provide an opportunity for public health attorneys, policy professionals, leaders, public health practitioners, and students to join forces to regain a sense of self and safety and gain insights, strategies, tactics, and tools to utilize in their own jurisdiction. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive approach to public health, providing you with the legal and policy tools necessary to foster the wellbeing of your community.  

About the Public Health Law Practitioners Convening

Law and policy practitioners are integral to local, state, tribal, and territorial public health practice. They develop and interpret public health legal authorities, enforce regulations, and leverage the law to positively impact community health. To support the critical role of public health law and policy professionals, the CDC and NACCHO have organized this convening for practitioners interested in developing professional relationships, gaining new insights, and discovering innovative practices from their peers while considering equity and cross-sector partnership in their work.  

The Public Health Law Practitioners Convening will feature experts from the public health law and policy field to address the importance of law in public health, supporting the use of Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach in communities, how to effectively communicate laws and policies, and how to improve health equity. We hope that this conference will provide an opportunity to strengthen partnerships, generate a sense of optimism, and stress the importance of equity in public health law and policy. 

We welcome a diverse range of attendees, including, but not limited to:

  • Attorneys, 
  • Policy Practitioners, 
  • Public Health Leaders,
  • Students, and
  • Other professionals representing state, local, tribal, and territorial jurisdictions.

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